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December Construction: Rentals To Help You Work Longer Hours In The Dark

December is typically a slow time for construction companies. Multiple factors contribute to this including the lack of daylight and cold weather. Losing out on lost hours can cause your company to lose out on a lot of business and extra clients. To help you and your crew work through this month, there are a number of rentals that you can take advantage of. Contractor equipment rentals offer all types of options for getting through the month of December. Learn about these various rentals to see how you can use them effectively on a variety of construction sites.

Lighting Towers

December is known for having some of the darkest and shortest days of the year. While Christmas lights may illuminate neighborhood streets, you need a lot more lighting power to give great visuals for your construction sites. This can be done with the purchase of a lighting towers. Portable construction lighting towers can offer a lot of illumination for any type of construction area. The lights themselves can often be pointed and placed in multiple positions to give you the extra light that you need. Some lights are powerful enough to duplicate the visuals of daylight and increase the safety for your work needs.

Light towers can be rented in both electric and gas-powered models. Gas-powered models allow you to set up the light tower at any location. Gas runs the generator that gives power to the light. Electric models can connect to any power hook-up or a separate generator. The model that you choose will depend on your construction site needs and location.

Power Blankets

During December, it can be hard to work on tough ground or concrete. You can make construction more manageable and comfortable with the rental of a power blanket. Power blankets are essentially like large heating pads. When these blankets are placed over the ground, they can thaw out different elements and make it easy to dig into the ground. December nights can be bitterly cold and adding this eat will make it a lot easier to get projects done in a good amount of time.

Power blankets can also help add extra comfort for all of your workers. For example, the blankets can be applied to concrete areas that workers walk on. When working on their hands and knees, the warmth provided from the power blanket will help eliminate the cold stone that workers make contact with. These items come in multiple sizes. The larger the size, the higher the rental price will likely be.

Heating Fans

Long nights can create cold nights, especially for workers putting in long hours. Even the early evening can get really cold when the sun sets early and there is no extra warmth provided outside. One of the easiest ways to heat up areas for workers on a construction site with heat blower fan rentals. These high-powered rentals can provide your work area with warmness all throughout the shift. Bigger models are available and can supply a greater amount of heat as needed. Both electrical and gas-powered fans are available for rental.

Power Generators

The high winds and cold weather in December can cause a number of power issues. You can guarantee extra power for your work area by renting power generators. Gas-powered generators can supply the extra power needed to get the job done in all types of situations. A number of power generators come with rugged features that make it a lot easier to bring through types of terrain. Large wheels can roll over dirt, rocks, and pieces of concrete. When renting the generators, they can be delivered right to your work site to make things a lot easier.

Plan out these rentals ahead of time so you know how long to rent the product for and the best way to plan it into your budget. Then, contact a company like All-Star Equipment.