December Construction: Rentals To Help You Work Longer Hours In The Dark

December is typically a slow time for construction companies. Multiple factors contribute to this including the lack of daylight and cold weather. Losing out on lost hours can cause your company to lose out on a lot of business and extra clients. To help you and your crew work through this month, there are a number of rentals that you can take advantage of. Contractor equipment rentals offer all types of options for getting through the month of December.

How to Replace Sight-Glass Tubes on Boilers

The sight glass is a simple instrument, but it provides absolutely critical measurements of water levels for boiler operators. Should the sight glass fail or become damaged in some way, it can provide faulty readings to operators; ultimately, such problems can lead to boiler damage or even cause an explosion if the boiler-feed water level becomes too low. That is why you should be prepared to replace boiler sight glasses as needed.

Use Cold Rolled Steel Instead Of Hot Rolled Steel Or Copper When Building A Coffee Maker

Over the past few years, a number of coffee-loving inventors and innovators have created new coffee makers for home and commercial use. If you have interest in making a new, innovative coffee maker, you'll want to use cold rolled steel for your maker's metal components. Using cold rolled steel will help you create a coffee maker that looks good, can easily be assembled and is affordable. Creating a Polished Coffee Maker

When Buying Replacement Seals For Air Compressors, Consider More Than Their Price

If you run a manufacturing facility or industrial plant, you're undoubtedly constantly looking for ways to cut costs and improve your facility's or plant's bottom line. One of the main ways to keep expenses low in a manufacturing facility or industrial plant is to purchase inexpensive replacement parts for pieces of equipment that break down. When you're buying replacement seals for air compressors, though, you should consider more than just the price of the seals.

3 Rolling Cart Designs Ideal For Home Garage Businesses

When starting out with your own business, it's not uncommon to run the business directly from your garage. It provides a way to cut costs and have easy access to all of your business needs. As you organize the garage area, you will often want to move around equipment and supplies so you have plenty of room and versatility as the business grows. One way to provide this flexibility and organization is with rolling carts.

From Idea To Concept: The Process Of Creating A Prototype Of A Product Made From Plastic Materials

When you have an idea for a great product made of synthetic materials like plastics, there are certain crucial steps that you must complete in order to make sure your idea is viable. It does not matter if you are creating a mechanical part or a new type of hair clip, the process of creating a usable product includes design, prototype and testing phases. If you are a novice at bringing an idea from the concept to marketing phase, the following guide can help you understand the process, from sketches to injection molding to the final design.