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Securing Your Dumpster To Prevent Rodent Infestation Issues

If you have a business in a warm weather state like Florida, then you may understand that pests are just a part of life in your region. Unfortunately, pests can make a huge mess. This is especially true if you have recently rented a dumpster for your business. If pests like mice and rats are a major concern of yours, then you need to invest in good dumpster management. Your management plan should include securing your dumpster from the infestation of pests with the following tips.

Make Sure The Dumpster Is Secure

Rodents are drawn to areas where they can find abundant amounts of shelter and food. Food odors are one of the things that will attract mice and rats to your business dumpster. Unlike many other types of animals, like humans, rodents can ingest rotten food without getting sick. Scavengers have stomachs that are more than capable of killing the parasites and microorganisms that thrive on rotten meat and other types of foods. This means that the rotten garbage odors coming from your dumpster can and will attract rodents. 

As you are probably aware, garbage odors are quite strong. Renting a dumpster that best secures these odors is a good idea. Look for a dumpster that has a solid and secure lid. There are two types of lids that come standard on dumpsters that include high-impact plastic and steel lids. Steel lids are heavy and the most secure. However, many businesses leave the lids open a small amount for easy access. You should not do this. You also should make sure the lid has a dumpster latch. Latches that snap and tighten over the front lip of the dumpster work well and so do sliding latches. 

If you rent a dumpster with a high-impact plastic lid, then you may have the option of choosing one with one or two sliding openings. This helps to reduce the number of access points that sit across the top of the dumpster. These doors or openings may have a simple bolt latch or another type of sliding lock. 

Another good way to make sure that odors do not draw rodents to your dumpster is to make sure the drain is closed at all times. A drain plug should fit tightly in the drain opening. If there is not currently a plug, then ask your rental company for a steel variety that fits into the opening. Most drains are threaded and fit standard steel twist-on plugs. Rubber and plastic plugs should be avoided since rodents can eat through these materials. 

Place The Dumpster On A Pad

Dumpster pads are a good idea to secure your dumpster off the ground. They keep the dumpster on a secure section of your property and they also prevent the pavement near your business from becoming damaged. However, certain types of pads offer little protection from rodent activity. This is specifically seen with rubberized pads. Rodents can eat through the pads and create burrows through and underneath them.

Dumpster should be situated on thick concrete slabs that are at least a few inches high. The edge of the concrete should be fitted with a high toe or ledge that does not allow for easy rodent access. If you want a permanent installation for the dumpster, then a poured concrete slab may be best. However, you can also ask your dumpster rental company about placing a slab for you before the dumpster is secured. Moveable varieties may be a good option.

Some dumpster rental businesses offer steel pads as well that are fitted with small grates. The pads keep rodents away from the dumpster successfully while also allowing water to drain away from the dumpster.

Contact a dumpster rental company, such as TCM Sweeping and Disposal, for more tips.