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How Can Mechanical Flange Spreaders Help You?

Most people are familiar with the "jaws of life" that pry open vehicles to give people enough room to get out; they don't recognize that the machine is an example of a mechanical flange spreader. Flange spreaders are used in many industrial and construction purposes on a daily basis to create or maintain space between various objects and can sometimes be used for other purposes. In fact, here are some of the most common ways that mechanical flange spreaders can benefit you and your business. 

Moving Concrete Blocks

When a work site presents you with a concrete barrier that must be dismantled, you may not be able to just blast out sections and take the rubble away. This is especially the case if you're planning to use those sections for another purpose without damaging them. A flange spreader can be put into a crack you've made to pry open some space that will allow one section to be lifted and moved at a time.

Replacing Seals

If you use hydraulic seals in your business, you'll eventually need to replace them. However, you may be wondering how you're going to separate pipe sections in order to access the seal easily. A mechanical flange spreader will pry the pipes apart and hold them in place until you can switch out the old seal for the new.

Lifting Large Objects

On an industrial or construction site, it is sometimes left to the mechanical flange spreader to lift some of the heavier objects in order to assist other machines. For instance, if you're using a number of pressure tanks on the site, lifting them manually is virtually impossible. You may expect to move them from place to place with a forklift, but the forks of the machine might not be able to dig in beneath the tanks. A flange spreader can end up lifting the tanks off the ground enough to slip the forks beneath them so they can be handled more easily. This will save you a lot of time and unnecessary effort; you might find that you're more comfortable working with very heavy items because you can count on the flange spreader to pick it up without any trouble at all.

Once you've seen how much help a sturdy mechanical flange spreader can be, you may be eager to use them for every project. Talk with vendors in the local area about which could be suitable models for your business. After your purchase, be sure that you're monitoring the spreaders for signs of damage and corrosion so that they remain in working condition.