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Reasons To Buy A Drywall Jack In Advance Of A Drywall Job

Whether you're finally getting around to finishing your basement or you're remodeling one or more rooms in your home, you'll likely have some drywall work on your to-do list. While some homeowners prefer to hire a contractor for this job, others prefer to tackle it themselves. Drywall isn't necessarily complicated, but it can be difficult due to the size, weight, and overall challenge of maneuvering sheets of drywall. Before your project, you'll likely be loading up on drywall screws, mud, tape, and other accessories, but you should also consider buying a drywall jack. This highly valuable device will make the job immeasurably easier for you. Here are some reasons that you'll appreciate having a drywall jack by your side:

You'll Need Fewer Helpers

Putting up drywall is typically a job that is difficult to do by one's self. However, it might be a challenge to recruit people to help you. Your friends may not have the interest or expertise in lending a hand, and your kids may be too young and thus not strong enough to contribute to the job. When you're working with a drywall jack, you typically won't need a helper. This device can hold a full sheet of drywall with ease at the position that you need it so that you can take care of screwing it in place.

You'll Cause Less Damage To The Drywall

Anyone who has worked with drywall has likely experienced the frustration that comes with banging a corner of a sheet on the ground. Doing so can cave in the corner, leaving you with a bigger taping and mudding job than you expected. When you're working with a drywall jack, there's less risk of damaging any of your drywall sheets. As long as you can get each sheet into the jack safely, you won't have to worry about any sheets getting harmed.

You'll Enjoy Less Physical Strain

Putting up drywall is a job that is physically demanding. The sheets of drywall are heavy, and holding them — especially when you're working above your head — can make your arm, shoulder, and back muscles extremely sore. This can especially be a problem if your job lasts several days; you might feel fresh on the first day, but you'll struggle with pain during the subsequent days. A drywall jack's ability to hold a sheet of drywall means that you won't have to handle its weight, which will leave your body feeling better.

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