purchasing and using steel for projects

A Helpful Guide For Metal Fabricators Looking For Steel

Steel is one of the most popular materials for metal fabricators. It's extremely durable and comes in so many different varieties today. If you're looking to purchase this metal for your next project, be sure to keep these factors in mind.

New vs. Used

There are two types of conditions you can purchase steel in: new or used. New steel is in pristine condition, which you'll need for certain projects that warrant striking visuals. The only downside is you'll pay more because the steel hasn't been worked on or manipulated.

If you don't have a large budget, used steel is the best option. It's readily available today and doesn't cost as much as new steel materials. Often times, you can still find used steel that's in great condition. There may be a few blemishes, but the steel can still serve a practical purpose. 


An integral part of purchasing steel is tracking down the right supplier. There are many to choose from today. If you can, try to find a supplier that is local. They won't have to ship their steel materials as far, which helps cut down on your shipping costs. You can also easily travel to their store and see their steel products in person, giving you a peace of mind as far as quality goes.

If you decide to purchase online, make sure you do ample research to ensure the supplier is reputable. Also look at reviews from previous customers to see what their shopping experience was like. Then, you'll at least have some assurance when working with unfamiliar metal suppliers.

Steel Type 

Today, there are so many types of steel you can select from. Each type has unique properties that work well for particular projects. Some of the most popular include alloy, carbon, tool, and stainless steel.

Alloy steel contains a wide variety of alloying elements, which improve certain characteristics like corrosion-resistance and flexibility. You'll often find alloy steels incorporated into vehicles and power generators. In terms of visual appearance, stainless steel is one of the best materials you can work with. Not only is it extremely shiny, but it is highly corrosion-resistant for added durability.

Steel is a wonderful material to work with, and it can benefit your fabricating projects in so many different ways. As long as you buy the right steel from the right supplier, there's no limit on what you can create. For example, steel pipe, which is useful in many projects, can be found from companies such as Hillenburg  Pipe & Supply.