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3 Desirable Attributes Of A Vacuum For Commercial Use

Picking a commercial vacuum cleaner to keep your business clean or to use in your cleaning business is a tedious process. You need a vacuum that can handle commercial use, of course, but you also need to know what features to look for in the best. Some vacuum cleaners are a go-to piece of equipment for those with commercial cleaning needs. These vacuums boast a range of features that make them a worthy choice. There are three primary desirable attributes that are easy to appreciate with the best commercial vacuum cleaners. 

The vacuums are incredibly quiet compared to basic vacuum models. 

Vacuums designed for commercial use should have very one important trait: they should operate in a quiet manner. In many cases, the vacuums have to be used during the day when business is taking place, such as in healthcare facilities. well-designed vacuum cleaners are designed to operate at lower sound levels in spite of having a large and powerful motor with a lot of horsepower. You're going to have sound and noise, of course, but the noise levels are far less disturbing for the user and anyone in the vicinity. 

The vacuums are made of high-impact ABS plastic for protection. 

When you are in the process of cleaning and maneuvering a vacuum, you are bound to bang the unit against wall edges, floor trim, and even doors. With a basic vacuum model, you can end up with busted frame pieces because of this typical action. One of the major advantages of a good commercial vacuum is the frame and bumper on the bottom are going to be made from something like high-impact ABS plastic or lightweight metal alloys. This kind of frame is going to hold strong through a little roughness without falling apart and causing problems. 

The vacuums have a heavy-duty rotating brush to sweep up effectively. 

If you were to take a look into the suction shaft of something like a Windsor vacuum, one of the better commercial models on the market, you may be a bit surprised at the rotating brush inside. The brushes used in these higher-end units are designed to be heavy-duty and strong. The wider shaft is also an important feature to look for; it will allow for a larger brush to be housed inside that will flawlessly sweep up everything from fine particles to larger pieces of debris without causing any problems. The powerful motor of good vacuums helps rotate the brush at high speeds as well, which offers more efficiency during operation. 

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