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How to Manage Lifting Support Beams on Your Construction Project

New construction methods that offer open rooms and large spans without support walls often require a builder to use large beams for support in many different ways. Getting the beams in place can be difficult, but finding an equipment rental with a beam lift for rent can make things easier.

Beam Lifts

When working with extremely large beams, a crane is often the best way to lift and set beams, but a beam lift might be a solution for contractors working with smaller beams that don't require a crane but are too heavy to lift by hand. You can find several kinds of available beam lifts. Depending on the space you have to work in, you may find one that will work better for you. 

Manual lifts beam lifts use a set of supporting forks and a manual winch or crank system to lift the beam into position. They are small and portable, which makes them easy to rent from industrial equipment shops. 

There are also powered lifts that are more like a small forklift but with a telescopic arm on them. These lifts allow the beam to be lifted and then pushed in or out as needed to align it with the supports it will sit on. The power beam lift has more lifting capacity, and you could lift the beams with one person using this method if you don't have a large crew working with you.

Beam Lifts and Safety

When you are using a beam lift on the job site, it essential to use it safely. When you find a beam lift for rent at a local rental business, talk to the store operator about the unit and make sure you understand all of the features on it so that you can operate it correctly. 

Because you will be using this equipment to lift large beams overhead, you need to ensure that you and anyone working with you is wearing a hard hat and that they use all the safety features on the beam lift. Often there is a safety cable or strap to secure the beam to the lift so that it can't slip off, so don't lift anything until the cable is attached correctly. 

Site Preparation

If you are working outside on dirt or gravel, level the ground and make sure it is firm enough to support the beam lift. If the ground is soft, the lift could sink into the soil and tip over, causing damage to the lift or the beam and potentially hurting someone working around the beam. 

When you are looking for a beam lift for rent, you might need to consider a power lift for better stability—especially if you are working in an area that the site is not easily leveled and prepared. Contact industrial equipment rental services to learn more.