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Do You Need a Fire Suppression System or Fire Sprinklers?

If you own a business with a kitchen or any kitchen appliances, you need to have a great system in place in case there is a fire. When you shop, you may be presented with a few different options: fire sprinklers and fire suppression systems.

While both options present advantages, you need to know what system is going to be the best choice for your business. Should you invest in a fire suppression system, or are sprinklers enough? Here's what you need to know.

What You Should Know About Fire Sprinklers

First, it is helpful to know exactly what a fire sprinkler system is. Fire sprinkler systems use water to put out fires typically fire sprinkler systems are activated by heat or smoke. When the system detects these indicators, the sprinklers turn on.

Of course, water is not the most effective solution for all fires. For example, a grease fire may be exacerbated by water for this reason fire sprinklers are not always the best option for a kitchen. Additionally, you may find that fire sprinkler systems can cause more damage to appliances and other valuables.

Types of Fire Sprinklers

If you have been checking out your fire sprinkler system options, you may have found that there are several types to choose from. Some businesses benefit from wet paint sprinklers, which are always full of water. Other businesses might use dry pipe sprinklers, which only fill with water when the system becomes activated by smoke or fire.

What You Should Know About Fire Suppression Systems

Fire suppression systems extinguish fires. Like sprinkler systems, they are activated by heat and smoke. Instead of using water, however, fire suppression systems will use foam and chemicals. This means that suppression systems may be more effective than water in your business's kitchen. Fire suppression systems can be designed not to ruin everything in the room with the fire.

Types of Fire Suppression Systems

There are several different types of fire suppression systems. For instance, some fire suppression systems use dry chemicals or carbon dioxide to put out fires. These are not the best options for a kitchen, however. Instead, you might consider a wet chemical suppression system, which is safer for use in places where humans might be.

Contact a Professional

Do you have some idea of what kind of system you need for your business or do you still have questions about installing a fire suppression system? Regardless of what you already know about these systems, contacting a professional will help you make the call.