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Wholesale Corrugated Products For Your Shipment Needs

Custom corrugated boxes will maximize your shipping potential, plus will allow you to select the perfect fit for each product you will be shipping out. Learn about some box styles that may supply you with the essentials needed to fulfill shipment processes. 

Corrugated Products

Corrugated products are made of a rigid boxboard material that is mass-produced with the use of a boxboard gluer and similar types of machinery. Corrugated products include fluted rolls, cubed containers, flat boxes, long boxes, bulk cargo boxes, and individual sheets. Corrugated products may contain single, double, or triple reinforced side walls. The thicker that a product is, the more suited it will be for shipments that will contain a lot of items or weighted items.

Corrugated products that come from a wholesaler will be featured at low prices that you may not be supplied with through a retail shop. If a lot of your business duties involve shipping products out on a recurring basis, it will benefit you to purchase the products you need from a wholesale company.

Custom Features And Orders

A wholesaler may offer custom products that can be used to represent a particular business or to protect a specific type of product while it is in transit. Custom features include printing that is added to corrugated products, unique box shapes, and custom flaps and folding features. Custom features can be used to advertise your business or to provide extra protection to fragile items or special order items that are being shipped regionally or overseas.

Wholesale corrugated products are widely used for many shipping applications. Before you order some products, classify the merchandise that is within your place of business. If you sell garments, for instance, you may be interested in purchasing some wholesale flat boxes that will hold clothing items snugly inside of them. If you have a lot of larger wares that you need to ship out frequently, you may be inclined to buy some shipping products that contain a corrugated material that is triple-thick.

Rolls of corrugated strips can be used to wrap small items that are being grouped together. A supplier of wholesale products may feature bubble wrap, foam, and other essentials you will need when preparing each box. Boxes will come to you unassembled. If you choose corrugated products that possess a basic design, your shipping employees can quickly assemble the boxes as they are needed.

To learn more about wholesale corrugated packaging, reach out to a supplier.