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5 Kinds Of Equipment Carried By Plumbing Distributors

If you looking for a single hardware store that will meet all of your plumbing needs, you may be disappointed. Many stores have limited stock and do not carry equipment in bulk. This can lead to frustration for individuals that want to purchase a significant amount of plumbing equipment. Thankfully, plumbing equipment distributors offer an easy solution, as they carry virtually everything you might need. Take a look below at just five examples of types of equipment that distributors are bound to carry. 


At the heart of any plumbing system is a multitude of pipes. Whether you're looking for drainage pipes, venting pipes, or pipes to carry a regular water supply, a distributor will have what you need in a variety of materials including PVC, PEX, and more.


If you already have the materials you need and are just looking for tools, a distributor can help you out just as easily. They usually offer a wide array of wrenches, pipe threaders, drain cleaning solutions, and even soldering equipment for those times you need to work on copper pipes.

Treatment Systems

For those jobs that require you to install an entire treatment system, distributors will make logistics that much simpler. All you need to do is put in an order online or at a physical center for the filtration system, water softener, or distiller unit that you need.


Fittings are another key part of any plumbing job, as pipes cannot be connected safely or easily without them. Some examples of common fittings include connectors, couplings, adapters, and elbows. However, if you need a unique fitting, it's likely a distribution representative can find what you're searching for. Buying in bulk is usually the smartest way to go when it comes to these parts—it's both cheaper and more convenient in the long run if you choose to undertake additional plumbing projects or just need to make a quick repair. 

Specific Accessories

One common myth about plumbing equipment distributors is that they only deal with major parts and tools. The fact is that you can also find smaller, specific accessories such as brackets, sealants, and pipe insulation. A distributor who has these in stock can be a lifesaver during any given project.

No matter what plumbing project you're currently working on, a distributor can help you reach the finish line that much more easily with the equipment you need.

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