3 Rolling Cart Designs Ideal For Home Garage Businesses

When starting out with your own business, it's not uncommon to run the business directly from your garage. It provides a way to cut costs and have easy access to all of your business needs. As you organize the garage area, you will often want to move around equipment and supplies so you have plenty of room and versatility as the business grows. One way to provide this flexibility and organization is with rolling carts. [Read More]

From Idea To Concept: The Process Of Creating A Prototype Of A Product Made From Plastic Materials

When you have an idea for a great product made of synthetic materials like plastics, there are certain crucial steps that you must complete in order to make sure your idea is viable. It does not matter if you are creating a mechanical part or a new type of hair clip, the process of creating a usable product includes design, prototype and testing phases. If you are a novice at bringing an idea from the concept to marketing phase, the following guide can help you understand the process, from sketches to injection molding to the final design. [Read More]

How To Repair A Damaged Air Compressor Hose Using A Reusable Brass Sleeve Fitting

If you accidentally cut your compressed air hose while using it, then conventional wisdom says nothing can be done except to throw it in the garbage. However, a cut or damaged air hose can often be repaired and put back to work, resulting in savings for you or your employer. The repair process is simple and only requires a few basic tools plus inexpensive fittings. Below is how you can perform a repair on a damaged air hose: [Read More]